Tenancy and property law

At Tenant & Partner, you will find some of the industry's most experienced lawyers with expertise in tenancy law. With our assistance, you can trust that all legal matters are handled professionally and your rights are well protected. 


Legal and strategic advice regarding the tenant's use of commercial premises

As a tenant, it's important to be aware of your rights and obligations. A small error, such as a poorly worded termination, a missed referring, or a poorly drafted clause in the lease agreement, can be costly. There is no doubt that lease law is complex, and questions can be extensive.

If you are a commercial tenant, we are here to help you ensure a balanced lease agreement that meets your organisations needs and helps you avoid traps. We provide legal and strategic advice for both the short and the long term. Sometimes, questions and issues arise that need to be addressed immediately, and in many cases, we provide strategic guidance with the goal of maximising the value of your premises long term.

If you have multiple premises, we can assist with ongoing advice and management of your lease agreements to create maximum value over time and avoid expensive and unnecessary extensions. In these cases, we offer more than just managing your portfolio of contracts; we help you with decision support, guidance, and implementing your decisions related to lease agreements over time. Learn more about Contract Management.

We have some of the industry's most experienced lawyers with expertise in commercial tenant law. With our assistance, you can feel confident that all legal matters are handled correctly, your rights are protected, and your real estate investments are taken into account. Whether you initially need advice or have a specific problem, we are here to help you find the best solutions for your organisation.

Our assistance and value-creation

Consultancy and strategy

Our legal and strategic advice secures your office space requirements over time. As a commercial tenant, we assist you with all questions related to the lease agreement and the Tenancy Act. If you wish to make changes to your office space requirements, we guide you through the legal processes to achieve the desired outcome.

Rights and obligations

We clarify your rights and obligations related to the lease agreement and the Tenant Act, all with the aim of making clear the actions available to you in various situations for your premises.

Negotiation of premises and the lease agreement

We ensure a balanced and professional lease agreement that protects your interests and avoids potential traps, all based on your needs, circumstances, and goals.


If you have been given notice of termination by your landlord and need clarification regarding your rights and obligations, we are here to provide support and assist in the process. We also offer assistance of you wish to terminate your lease agreement yourself, for instance to achieve cost savings or to modify the terms of the agreement.

Mediation at the Rent Tribunal

If you are given notice for termination or for a change in terms, we can represent you in mediation at the Rent Tribunal.

Education in tenancy law

We offer ongoing education in tenant law where we review the tenant's rights and obligations, how to utilise lease laws to achieve desired changes, and how to conduct a successful lease negotiation to obtain a balanced lease agreement. We can tailor the education to your specific needs.

Whether you need advise or have a specific issue, we assist you in finding the best solutions