Relocation Management

We handle the entire establishment project from start to finish and ensure that all the details are in place. We identify what you want to achieve with your premises to create the best possible conditions.


The crucial relocation

We help you maximise your lease agreement
Whether you are relocating, co-locating, or establishing a new office, it's crucial that things happen in the right order, at the right time, and within budget. All with a strong focus on ensuring that your organisation can run smoothly before, during, and after the relocation. We ensure that tenant improvements (construction), furnishings, service functions, security, IT, physical relocation, and the decommissioning and restoration of the old premises are handled in the best way.

Inventory and Procurement
When necessary, we also handle the inventory of your existing furnishings. The inventory serves as the basis for decisions about what can be reused and what should be disposed of before the relocation. We also assist with the procurement of IT, security, architects, and furnishings for your new premises. All with a focus on quality and cost-consciousness.

The relocation
To relocate involves much more than simply relocating employees and furnishings. We take responsibility for the entire establishment project with the goal of ensuring that everything works effectively when it is time to move in, allowing your organisation to continue without interruptions. With responsibility for the entire process, we represent you at construction management meetings and we ensure that the property owner delivers the promised adaptations and construction plans.

Essential words about:

Project Management

With more than 30 years of experience, we are happy to assist in the early stages of the project to discuss what is required in terms of time and effort from your side so that we, together in our various roles, can create a successful project team.


Are you considering developing your existing premises based on new needs? We can help you examine the physical possibilities and lease agreement. We can also look at an evacuation solution that suits you.

Inventory and reuse

We assist you in taking inventory of your furnishings. The key is to have control over your belongings, from both a cost and sustainability perspective. What can be refurbished? What can be reused? What can be sold?


The procurement of IT, security, architecture, and furnishings is heavily dependent on knowledge and experience. We are happy to assist with this to ensure high quality and to remain within budget and schedule.



There are many clever ways to create conditions for flexibility in the physical office space. Having the ability to both adapt and develop existing premises for the future is more important than ever.


Are you considering buying, leasing, or renting furniture and furnishings for your new office? As advisors, we can share different perspectives and advantages of the various solutions to determine what best suits your needs.

We would love to explore possible efficiency improvements in your upcoming establishment project