Workplace Strategy and Change Management

We help you through the entire change journey from start to finish, and always with the employee perspective in focus.
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Every value creating workplace needs a well founded workplace strategy

The workplace affects attractiveness, productivity, efficiency, sustainability, and safety and by strategically working with the workplace we can achieve positive effects in all these areas. The foundation for a successful workplace strategy is strongly linked to the overall goals of your organisation. What do you want to achieve with your workplace and why?

In the strategy phase, we often start with a current state analysis to understand where the organisation is today. We look at your current and future needs and identify goals to share insights and create consensus on a direction forward. Along the way, we look at what opportunities are available to you and present new perspectives and inspiration. We produce a well-founded fact base that forms the basis for your future workplace. Before any decision is made, we provide our recommendations. When the decision is made, we help you develop a plan for the change journey and how we will proceed to reach your set goals.

We are with you throughout the journey and we will ensure that, together, we achieve your desired effects. The result is an anchored and defined workplace strategy and a plan forward for your future workplace and your way of working.

Change when it comes to workplace and work methods - some significant words

Workplace Strategy

We help you develop a workplace strategy that supports the individual, the teams, and the organisation to meet your needs and set goals in the best way.

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Way of working

Regardless of whether your work methods are flexible, activity-based, or organisation-based, it affects what you want to achieve as an organisation. Your ways of working need to be designed to support the employee, the teams and the organisation.

Change Management

Work methods go far beyond the choice of interior decoration and are anchored in our behaviours, leadership, and culture. To succeed in a workplace transformation, we need to support employees and managers through the journey. Understanding, participation, willingness, knowledge, and competence are some crucial elements.

Productivity and innovation

Conditions for creating engaged and productive workplaces often revolve around collaboration, which is central for many organisations. Increased collaboration can lead to deeper relationships, enhanced productivity, effective innovation, and a more appealing workplace.


Sustainable workplaces contribute to the well-being of employees, reduce costs, and have a minimum impact on our environment. This is our mission, and what we refer to as "Performing workplaces®".


Employees who are engaged and balanced often thrive and deliver greater value. This creates a force that enhances your brand and your organisation.

A successful journey of change

The goal of a successful change strategy is to achieve a desired workplace. When the decision for a change in your organisation is made, we assist you throughout the change journey. This includes everything from methodology and planning to actual implementation and follow-up. We are with you throughout the entire process. We work with the organisation in three phases: preparing for change, implementing it, and reinforcing it.

Our perspective is to always involve the people who are affected by the change journey. For all employees, managers, and leaders to actively participate, there needs to be an understanding of why the change is necessary. In this process, it is common for employees to feel concern and insecurity, which is why involvement is important. When employees understand why and start to participate, we can start working on what's new based on knowledge and behaviours, so that these can then be translated into capabilities and actual changed behaviours. To ensure that we do not revert to "old" behaviours, we need to reinforce and monitor the change.

Furthermore, the ability to demonstrate results during change is important. We will make sure that those implementing the change are supported and trained to secure progress during the journey. Highlighting achievements, celebrating milestones, and continually assessing the effects of the work, will create both strength and energy which are essential for the continued development of your work methods and your workplace.

We love talking about change and strategic decisions