Workplace development - balancing the details and the big picture

We assist your organisation based on your needs. This may range from a workplace strategy for your entire organisation, to a contractual matter in your lease agreement. We always stive to make sure that your work methods and your workplace support your goals and vision. Please feel free to learn more about our services below or contact us for a digital or physical meeting to discuss your needs and dreams. We extend a heartfelt welcome to Tenant & Partner.


Performing Workplaces® - a sustainable and value-creating workplace

Workplaces that create value, are what we define as "Performing Workplaces". It is also our mission.

For us,Performing Workplaces® mean that human, economic, and planetary needs and perspectives are intertwined and that greater values and reduced resource impact can occur simultaneously.

All separate parts create the entirety. We are your collaborative partner on the journey through change, both big and small. A journey where we stand by your side from start to finish, whether you need to develop a new work method, find a new office location, enhance the workplace, gain control of your lease portfolio, or clarify lease-related matters.

We provide comprehensive solutions as well as individual services, offering everything from legal and financial advice to project management and change processes related to work methods.

Offices and premises


We are the tenant's loyal representative for all matters related to offices and premises. This can involve searching for office space, market assessment, requirement specification, negotiation, and the establishment of lease agreements at market rates.

Workplace Strategy and Change Management

Arbetsplatsstrategi Forandringsledning

Do you need to implement changes related to the workplace or work methods in your organisation? With a focus on the employee perspective, we create awareness throughout the entire organisation and we work to foster the participation, motivation, and engagement required to succeed in the change, both now and in the future.

Relocation and establishment


Is your organisation planning to move, co-locate or establish a new office? We ensure that things happen in the right order, at the right time, and within budget. We make sure that tenant improvements, office furnishings, service functions, security, IT, physical relocation, as well as the decommissioning and restoration of the old premises, are carried out in the best possible way.

Lease and property law


Our experienced solicitors assist you as a commercial tenant with matters related to your lease agreements and property law. We clarify your rights and obligations and ensure a balanced and professional lease agreement that ensures your interests and avoids potential traps.

Facility Management

Facility Management

Facility Management (FM) is a collective term for all the service functions required to ensure that the workplace functions effectively. This includes property maintenance, janitorial services, coffee supply, energy optimization, security, and more. We provide support and advice to help your organisation achieve a tailored FM delivery customized to your unique needs.

Contract Management


We develop and manage your lease agreements, ensuring that they align with your short and long-term office strategy. With a comprehensive view of your lease agreements, we can continually assess how the contract rent compares to the market rent. With a clear plan and active contract management, we can take necessary actions for each lease agreement well in advance.

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we contribute our expertise towards a more inspiring and meaningful working life

It's all about the human

We live in a time where development and change are a natural part of our everyday life. New ways of working and living bring us new challenges and opportunities.

We truly believe that workplaces will play a vital role for most organisations in the future, both from an organisational perspective and based on our human needs.