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Our three sustainability perspectives - reffered to as Performing Workplaces®

We live in a time where development and change are natural aspects of our daily lives. New ways of working and living present new challenges and opportunities. An organisation's purpose, direction, and goals must be clear to create powerful and value-generating agreements with employees regarding work methods. A clear workplace strategy needs to be adopted throughout the organisation.

Today, work methods and workplaces need to be designed and adapted based on more parameters and perspectives than ever before. Each organisation has unique needs related to its offerings and core business.  An example of an essential aspect is developing and sizing the workplace based on employees' needs for individual work, collaboration, and specific requirements.

As the employee perspective is stronger than ever; security and trust are still fundamental for employee well-being, productivity, and development. At the same time, each employee needs to understand that they are part of a greater purpose. Many organisations strive to make collaboration thrive. When employees come together and collaborate, development and innovation often follow.

We firmly believe that workplaces will play a crucial role for most organisations in the future, both from an organisational perspective and on the basis of human needs.

We call value-creating workplaces Performing Workplaces®. Performing Workplaces® is also our mission, for us, it means that human, economic, and planetary needs are interwoven, and greater values and a reduced environmental impact can occur simultaneously.

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Human sustainability

We believe in work methods and workplaces that support employees, teams, and the entire organisation in creating value. We believe in workplaces designed to meet the needs of individual work, collaboration, and specific requirements. Providing opportunities for people to come together and enjoy themselves should never be underestimated. Employee satisfaction, well-being, and security are fundamental. When collaboration and innovation thrive, the power of employees generates results and success for the organisation.

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Economic sustainability

The second component concerns finance. Making smart decisions based on needs, data, and experience related to your workplace strategy and your workplace. The location, size, layout, and contract terms of your offices are vital factors for your cost control. Paying market-competitive rent for the space required is a solid foundation for increased profitability. Maximising the return on your investments is essential to us.


Planetary sustainability

When it comes to the planet, the third part is largely about making wise and conscious choices in all aspects related to work methods and the workplace to minimise our impact and resource usage. Together in our projects, we continuously strive to increase our understanding, knowledge, and curiosity regarding alternative solutions that help develop value-creating and sustainable workplaces over time.

Our employees

A part of something bigger

Together with our friends and partners at Worklife Group, we create conditions for a more sustainable working world where we work to promote human, economic and planetary needs.

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