Tenant Representation

We are the tenant's loyal representative. We find the right premises tailored to your needs and assist you in negotiating the best possible lease agreement.


Is it possible to create an excellent workplace while simultaneously reducing costs for the premises?

One of many triggering factors for a change in a premises is when the lease agreement approaches its notice period. Other factors may include an office space that does not match the actual need, a hybrid work environment that makes collaboration more challenging, or changes in the economy and our surroundings.

Whether it's about reducing costs for premises, increasing or decreasing space, or adapting the premises to changing needs, we aim to understand your challenges and circumstances. As tenant advisors and partners, we assist with all questions related to offices and premises, all to ensure that the workplace supports your employees and the organisation's needs on the journey toward your goals and vision. This is our mission, and we call it 'Performing Workplaces".

With more than 30 years of tenant advisory experience, along with our current knowledge of the market, we help you make wise decisions that are beneficial for both the short and long term.

So the answer is...Yes! It is possible to create an excellent workplace while simultaneously reducing costs for the premises.

How we can help and create value

Tenant Advisory and Project Management

We are the tenant's loyal representative in all matters related to the leasing of premises. We help you project-manage the entire journey, all based on your need for assistance. We support you from needs assessment to a signed lease agreement.

Market Analysis and Search for premises

With more than 30 years of experience, we have a broad and deep understanding of the lease market. We constantly conduct new market analyses and searches for premises across the whole of Sweden.

Sustainability Consultation

Sustainability is something that infuses everything we do; it's an integral part of all of our assignments. Let us, based on your sustainability goals, be part of guiding you in this matter.

Scenario Analysis

In order to make well-informed decisions, we conduct various types of scenario analyses using data-driven tools where we for example compare geographical locations, travel times, and possible premises solutions.

Requirement Definition and Negotiation

We negotiate and, thereby, secure market-based terms based on technical, economic, and legal requirements. We subject current lease agreements to competitive bids and minimise risks in new ones.

Lease Agreement

In dialogue with landlords and property owners, we establish balanced lease agreements that delineate rights and obligations which creates security and clarity for the tenant over time.

We are curious to find out your future office requirements and how we can assist you