Contract Management

With extensive market knowledge and years of experience, we can provide distinct strategies for your premises and a proactive contract management.


Do you require a systematic approach for managing your lease agreements?

We work with a long-term, systematic, and strategic approach to develop and manage your lease agreements. Through proactive efforts, we assist you in making informed decisions, ensuring that all your premises support your organisations needs.

We analyse both short-term and long-term office space requirements, and your current premises, to formulate a clear strategy to reduce costs and maximise the usage of space. As part of our strategic approach, we provide recommendations, and action plans, and represent your interests in all lease-related matters.

With a strong understanding of the market and extensive experience, we offer transparent strategies and active contract management. We provide you with a comprehensive overview of current agreements, their terms, and upcoming lease terminations well in advance. We offer structure, control, and guidance to help you make well-founded decisions and achieve measurable results. We aim to help your organisation become more profitable.

How we help and create value

Strategy and plan

We ensure that your lease agreements align with your short and long-term office space strategy. Your premises should support your operations and contribute to achieving your organisations goals.


Proactivity and flexibility

Your needs and circumstances may change rapidly meaning that both opportunities and challenges can arise. With control over your lease agreements, we are always prepared to assist with any questions or concerns related to your lease agreements.

Market rent

We operate within a dynamic market environment where external factors continually impact our situation. By maintaining a comprehensive overview of your lease agreements, we can consistently evaluate the alignment of contractual rent with prevailing market rates.

Termination of lease

We are committed to assisting you in maximising your space utilisation and reducing your costs. With a well-defined plan and active contract management, we can proactively take necessary actions for each lease agreement well in advance.

Overview and control

With a strategic overview, we instill confidence by enabling you to have a clear view of your agreements, their durations, terms, and current matters.

Costs and profitability

Our goal is to facilitate professional lease agreements that optimally align with your operational needs while maintaining market-competitive rents. We provide guidance to help you avoid traps and costly lease extensions.

Are you interested in achieving measurable results?

Johan Sjogren

I would be delighted to provide further details on how we can assist in making your company more profitable.

Should we review your agreements together?


I'm happy to share more about how we can ensure that your lease agreements align with your office space strategy.