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When you're passionate about workplace development and personal growth

For more than 30 years, Tenant & Partner has been developing workplaces by contributing expertise in the areas relevant to workplace transformations.

In our organisation you will find around 80 employees, comprised of experienced Workplace Strategists, Property Economists, Legal experts in Tenancy and Property law, Civil Engineers, Project Managers, and Change Management Specialists.

Our clients are located throughout Sweden, and at times, we also work in other countries. Our offices are situated in Stockholm and Gothenburg.

We take great pride in our workplace, our team, and our culture. Learn more...

Current job openings

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At present, we do not have any job vacancies, but we operate in an ever-evolving industry that continually generates new opportunities and occasions. When we have a job opening, it will always be posted here on our website, so please check another time or consider submitting a spontaneous application.

Spontaneous application

tenant and partner

Please feel free to submit a spontaneous application. We are always looking for more talent who wish to be a part of developing future workplaces with us and our clients!

The organisation's strength originates from within

Tenant & Partner is a consultancy firm and a sales organisation specialising in workplace development. We have clients across a range of industries, and we refer to our industry as "the work life." We make a conscious effort to approach all our projects with sustainability in focus. Sustainability in terms of considering the human being, the economy, and our planet as our three core principles.

Tenant & Partner, along with our holding company, Worklife Group, share a purpose that reads Together, we create an inspiring and meaningful work life. To tap into the power, joy, and ease of what we do, we start with employees' inner motivations and personal values, aligning them with our goals and our overarching purpose.


Our organisation We have no executives, only leaders. Our organisation operates as a network driven by its employees and structured around teams, forums, and competency groups.

Self-leadership As an employee at Tenant & Partner, you take ownership of your own development. Our shared objective is to assist you in growing both in your professional role and as an individual, while you contribute to our company, your colleagues, our clients, and society. Every employee selects a colleague as their individual coach.

Being Authentic We aim to create a workplace where all employees can be themselves and embrace their true selves. We work collaboratively without internal competition, where each individual's collective value and responsibility are recognised. We all have our differences. We actively work to build trust and psychological safety, which is also the key to shaping the culture we aspire to have.

The Individual and the Team We believe in collective intelligence and strength. No one is expected to know or have all the answers, but you are expected to share your knowledge and experience. You are encouraged to ask for help when needed and to be willing to grow and help your colleagues in their development.


Our Roadmap contains our shared goals, priorities, and principles, providing us with the framework to act and guide ourselves in the right direction. Together we continuously develop and revise the content to ensure the best possible conditions for our journey.

Advice and Decisions Each employee possesses the capability to make essential decisions that drive their work and contribute to our overall development. Our decision-making methods are based on seeking advice and support from colleagues.

Feedback We are convinced that a vital aspect, both for personal growth and for the development of our organisation, is to ask for and provide feedback to one another.

Mindful Presence We actively work to create conditions for mindful presence. All employees are offered mindfulness training, and in our daily lives, we assist each other in being present in the moment and increasing our awareness.

Sharing of Profit Together, we work towards common goals, and therefore, we want everyone to share in our financial success. One-third of the profit is distributed to employees.

Our work areas

Workplace Strategy and Change Management

Arbetsplatsstrategi Forandringsledning

We design workplace strategies and create conditions for successful change journeys related to the workplace or work methods. Read more

Tenant Representation


Our property consultants act as the tenant's loyal representatives for all matters related to office and commercial spaces. We perform tasks such as property search, market assessment, specification development, negotiations, and the creation of lease agreements at competitive rates. Read more

Tenancy and Property Law


Our experienced lawyers assist commercial tenants with issues related to lease agreements and tenancy law. Read more

Relocation Management


Whether the customer is relocating, co-locating, or establishing a new office, our Project Managers ensure security throughout the journey with their unique expertise in understanding what needs to happen and when. Read more

Facility Management

Facility Management

Our FM consultants provide support and advice to ensure that the customer receives a tailored FM delivery customised to their unique requirements. Read more

Business Support


In our business support team, you'll find economists, marketers, sales professionals, HR, and other support to ensure that our own workplace not only operates smoothly but also serves as an inspiration to others.

Are you interested in applying for a job with us?

What we would like to see in your application

What we are most interested in knowing is what attracts you to work with us! We are also curious about what you believe you can contribute with in terms of personality and competence.

It is great if your CV clearly reflects:

- What your previous jobs have entailed, i.e. your specific tasks and responsibilities in different roles.

- Your educational background, including the content and duration of your studies.

- Of course, we need your contact details, such as phone number, address, and email.

- Please include any other information that you think may be relevant, such as your language skills, if you have a driver's license, etc.

What happens after you have submitted an application

We review all applications and contact the candidates we would like to meet for an initial interview. This interview may take place either digitally or in person at our office. During the first interview, you will typically meet with our HR or one of our Team Coaches. The majority of the interview will focus on you, allowing you to discuss your educational background, previous work experiences and your interests outside of work. We will also provide information about our organisation, what it is like to work here and the specifics of the role.

As the next step in the recruitment process, candidates we choose to move forward with will be asked to complete a personality assessment and a problem-solving test measuring logical analytical skills. Subsequently, we often meet again to provide you with a broader understanding of the role, and you will have the opportunity to meet team members and potential colleagues.

If you are the candidate we wish to hire, you will receive a job offer outlining our employment terms, compensation and the benefits we offer.

Our employees share their experiences of working at Tenant & Partner

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A part of something bigger

Together with our friends and partners at Worklife Group, we create conditions for a more sustainable working world where we work to promote human, economic and planetary needs.

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