Sanna Ridhagen

Workplace Strategist & Change Manager

More about Sanna

I have worked, developed, and thrived at Tenant & Partner since 2018 in the role of Workplace Strategist and Change Manager. The best part of my job is knowing that together with the client, I can transform workplaces and people's work routines to be more inspiring and obstacle-free, allowing everyone to focus on what matters most.

We are aware that many managers and employees are disengaged at work, for various reasons, often because the workplace does not meet their needs, hindering them or causing them to perform tasks that do not feel value-creating or where leadership is lacking. Through my extensive experience in workplace and organisational development, from various roles and industries, I have gained knowledge about what is needed to achieve engagement and good collaboration to reach organizational goals. I love sharing these experiences and am passionate about creating workplaces that support the needs of both organisations and individuals for long-term change, contributing to a better and more sustainable work life with increased well-being.

At Tenant & Partner, I work in the Workplace Strategy business area, collaborating with large and small, global and local clients in various industries, sometimes dealing with pure office environments or combined with other workplace environments (labs, warehouses, manufacturing). My role often involves, in the early stages, working with the client to figure out what needs to be done and possibly changed, often in a pre-study. Through data collection (where we detail needs) and a strong connection to overarching goals, we can make informed decisions about the direction together.

Once we know what needs to be done and why, the project often moves into an implementation phase, where the involvement of leadership, managers, and employees is crucial for lasting results. Together with colleagues from other competence areas at T&P, we often work together to find a suitable/adapted space until the establishment and procurement of technical installations, interior design, etc., are in place, i.e., until the workplace is physically changed. In the implementation phase, my focus is to work together with the client's Change Manager to ensure that we actually create a workplace that meets the needs of employees and the organisation and facilitates the shift toward new desirable behaviors. In this phase, we often encounter people in the workplace who may find it difficult and challenging to move towards something new, making it extra important to provide support, clarity, and security.

As a behavioral scientist, I often engage in and enjoy issues related to human development and how the workplace and work life, where we spend a significant portion of our waking hours, affect us. How does the workplace make us feel, based on color, shape, sound, light, etc., but also leadership, decision-making style, communication style, degree of autonomy, etc.? And not to forget how digital and technological developments have revolutionised how, where, and when we can work today. I am one of three driving the Swedish hub of Workplace Evolutionaries (within IFMA), a network of workplace strategists, change leaders, architects, designers, digital developers, FM, RE, HR, students, etc. I read a lot, both factual and fiction (even though life with three teenagers at home sometimes limits time.) Right now, I'm trying to delve into AI and ChatGPT and how it affects our workplaces but also work life in general, and I have my cat Texas as a companion who loves to sleep on his back with his paws straight up in the air, completely carefree about the world around him.