Rebecca Wernbom

Project Manager

More about Rebecca

Hello! I'm Rebecca, and I've had the honor of being part of the fantastic Tenant & Partner team since January 2023. My role as a Project Manager in relocation and establishment is something I'm passionate about. We aim to make the entire establishment process a smooth and memorable experience for our tenants, from signing the lease agreement to the joyful day they move in.

Within the establishment team, our mission is clear: we ensure that the premises become exactly as our customers dream of. This means carefully monitoring every aspect, from ensuring that the building is exactly as agreed upon in new construction or renovation to coordinating moving companies and handpicking and procuring the perfect interior together with an architect. We also take our mission to ensure good coffee moments during the establishment phase very seriously by trying a few cups a day during the establishment phase because we know that the small details make a big difference in the work environment.

The most fantastic thing about my job is the variety. I love having a busy workday with different challenges, meetings, and opportunities. Working closely with our customers and collaborators and, above all, being part of creating fantastic work environments brings me immense joy. Seeing a vision go from drawings and pictures to a vibrant, inspiring office on opening day is a feeling that is hard to describe—it's magical!

In my free time, I pursue my passions. Music is a significant part of my life, and I love listening to it, performing it (without much talent), and experiencing it live at concerts. Recently, I've also discovered a passion for running, and Tenant & Partner has been a fantastic source of inspiration with our digital running sessions. Then there's the most luxurious thing of all—spending time with loved ones over a long dinner filled with laughter and good conversation— that to me is life's best moment!