Rebecca Lindblom

Tenant Representation

More about Rebecca

My name is Rebecca, and I have been working at Tenant & Partner since 2018. I work as a Project Manager within what we call Tenant Representation, which means I assist our clients with everything related to the physical space and the lease agreements associated with it. This could include mapping out and developing long-term strategies for a portfolio of agreements, searching for, specifying requirements, negotiating, and/or renegotiating spaces at the right rent.

I highly value collaborating with my colleagues in our other areas of expertise and believe that together we can create an even better workplace for our clients when we put all the pieces together. If an office feels too large, empty, and desolate, simply moving to a smaller office is rarely the only solution. A significant part of what drives me in my job is that I myself enjoy my workplace so much and want others to experience how wonderful it can be to go to work. I love coming to the office, pouring myself a nice cup of coffee, and chatting with my fantastic colleagues. I believe that a pleasant environment, both physically and psychosocially, works wonders for the outcome.

At Tenant & Partner, we place a strong focus, effort, and energy on developing ourselves, our clients, and our business. To succeed in that, we need to actively work on our culture and relationships. I believe that's what makes us stand out as a collaborative partner – that we genuinely care about our clients and each other. In my free time, I spend time with friends and family, nowadays mostly on a hike in the forest, at a restaurant in the city, or with a cup of coffee on the stands at the ice rink or sports field. I am absolutely the easiest person to persuade to join an intense workout session at the gym and am a devoted fan of the HYROX training format.