Niclas Tidare


More about Niclas

I have been working as a lawyer at Tenant & Partner since 2019, alongside a delightful mix of consultants, all working to improve workplaces. In my assignments, I sometimes work directly with our clients and sometimes in collaboration with colleagues, which is both developmental and exciting, especially since I have the opportunity to work with a broad range of competencies and professional categories here. I have very fun and energizing colleagues, which is probably the best thing about this workplace. They create a great corporate culture that truly makes me enjoy working here.

In my role as a lawyer, I primarily work on real estate legal issues, with a particular focus on legal advice related to leases. This includes a lot of contract work, such as contract negotiations and legal review of agreements, as well as various management issues that may arise during a lease relationship. The law is an important tool while being just one piece of the puzzle. The goal is always to achieve the objectives set for the project in the best way possible and from a broader perspective, as well as to solve any issues that may arise along the way. What makes the job enjoyable and varied is precisely working with the big picture in this way.