Monica Trolle

FM Consultant & Workplace Strategist

More about Monica

I am truly passionate about FM (Facility Management) and Workplace Management, and I take great pride in sharing the extensive knowledge and experience I have gained in this field. Many companies are facing changes and need support, which I find honorable to provide. An excellent platform for this is at Tenant & Partner, where I have been working since 2022. We share the values around Performing Workplaces with workplaces that are sustainable from environmental, economic, and social perspectives.

In my assignments, I often work on strategic issues related to companies' workplaces and their development to meet changing needs and conditions. The assignments span various areas related to Real Estate and FM and can, for example, involve restructuring FM delivery, supporting the company's leadership in a change journey, or taking on a senior program management role.

My main drive is to constantly improve, develop, streamline, and make a difference. Sometimes it requires minor adjustments that can yield significant results, and sometimes one needs to start more from the ground up. Regardless, I start from the conditions and work towards clear, well-anchored goals. To succeed, I place a strong focus on listening, understanding, anchoring, and communicating throughout the entire change journey – together with the customer and all involved. At the same time, it is crucial to work on transforming strategies into operational work that functions and is understood in daily work.

I have been involved in IFMA's board (industry organisation for FM) for many years and still serve as the chairman for the professional education in Facility Management at the Business School. In addition to this, I am engaged as a board member.

One component in the work around workplaces is design and interior, which is also one of my major interests. I always have a project underway, perhaps not always out of necessity (although sometimes necessary when you live in a house), but because I find it enjoyable! With nature around the corner, I enjoy wonderful walks in both the forest and by the sea. Another significant interest is traveling to discover new cultures and make friends.