Jennie Johansson


More about Jennie

I was given the opportunity to start working at Tenant & Partner in 2018. Today, I work as a Project Manager in the marketing department, where my main focus is to support the organisation in marketing and communication. I also work extensively with our digital workplace, an interest that has grown over the years. I am so happy to be involved and contribute to parallel projects in our organisation while maintaining good contact and socialising with both clients and colleagues. Being part of an organisation that values self-leadership and transparency is not only inspiring but also conducive to personal and professional development. In this environment, I sense ample opportunities for advancement in both my role and personal growth.

As a former elite athlete, health and well-being are close to my heart, which is also the case at Tenant & Partner. On my first day at Tenant & Partner, I felt that I had found the right workplace because, during lunch, the discussions ranged from the week's planned training sessions to booked client meetings in a delightful mix. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, exercising, being in nature, and with our dog. After living in various places around the world, I have returned to my hometown in southern Dalarna, with just under a 2-hour commute to the office in Stockholm. You can imagine how grateful I am for the opportunities in today's work life.