Hampus Enström


More about Hampus

Welcome here! I don't have a flashy title that explains very well what I do, but here's an attempt to describe a bit what my focus is at Tenant & Partner. I've been around here since 2012, and it's been a fun journey together with lots of smart colleagues and fun collaborators.

I'm passionate about development. It can be about developing our brand and sales, it can also be about developing our offering and business. I find both the development of our organizational system and my colleagues enjoyable and important.

Creating conditions for us to be the world's best company to work for while offering our customers the best help gives me energy. I like understanding how things connect, simplifying, and finding the powerful in everything I do.

If you don't just want to talk about work with me, you can ask me about: vegetable gardening, wine, hunting, solar panels, or old cars. I live in the countryside in Roslagen by the sea, and that's where I gladly spend most of my free time with family and friends. Have a great day!