Gülsen Can

Workplace Strategist & Change Manager

More about Gülsen

For over 20 years, I have worked as a leader, change manager, and development strategist internationally and in Sweden. I have worked across various sectors and industries, and the common thread in my work has been organisational development. My primary drive is to contribute to a better society for all. At Tenant and Partner, I find a space for my whole self, both as a person with my values and as a professional with my motivations and a desire to contribute to positive change by developing workplaces and work methods.

In my role as a Workplace Strategist and Change Manager, I have the opportunity to, together with our fantastic clients, think about and help shaping value-creating workplaces for individuals, teams, companies, and the society.

I usually participate in the early stages of projects to support in identifying needs and challenges, shaping foundations for the work ahead by developing strategy and driving the "people side of change" throughout the project. I am always impressed by people with unique hobbies. How amazing is it to shape a beautiful bowl from a lump of clay? Unfortunately, I'm not one of those people, but I have the luxury of working with my greatest interests, human interaction, and organisations here at Tenant and Partner since 2022.

I love to travel, which might count as a hobby—I've been to 35 countries so far. I enjoy the Mediterranean during the summer, like short weekends to capitals around the world at other times of the year, but above all, I love traveling to unique destinations. I've been to Tajikistan and have now planned a longer trip to the other "-stan" countries.