Fredrik Justesen

FM Consultant & Workplace Strategist

More about Fredrik

In the fall of 2021, I took the leap into the consulting world with Tenant & Partner to contribute to helping more companies successfully create an inspiring and engaging work life. It's fantastic to work closely with clients, feeling that the knowledge and experience I bring make a difference and sense their gratitude for new solutions in their Facility Management delivery and overall workplace strategy. For me, working at Tenant & Partner feels just right due to trust in the individual and a strong focus on psychological safety, well-being, and health. We have an exciting organisational structure that makes me feel involved in what's happening and gives me the opportunity to influence. There's also a wonderful DNA for continuous development and improvement.

With over 15 years in FM, most of that time in a global client role with a strategic focus on creating well-functioning, cost-effective, and productive workplaces, I am passionate about increasing the understanding of how an organisation's workplace affects and can be used as a tool to contribute to the organisation's business goals, culture, and brand. My ambition has always been to create workplaces with a focus on and contributing to engaged employees, requiring solutions where cost, development, and reward need to be balanced.

For several years, I have been interested in and fascinated by how a contract often dictates how we later act. Creating contracts that over time drive the parties toward set goals requires investing time early on to provide the right conditions, a question that is often overlooked, resulting in friction in the delivery. Properly handled, the contract can instead support the parties in creating collaboration and development toward the set goals over time.

The workplace has a significant impact on sustainability. I am committed to challenging all three areas—environmental, social, and economic sustainability—to influence and drive the FM industry forward in terms of sustainability.

It's also important for me to contribute to and drive the whole FM industry forward, which I get the opportunity to do through Tenant & Partner's choice to be a gold partner in IFMA Sweden (International Facility Management Association). This creates many exciting meetings and networking opportunities with other companies in the industry, providing valuable exchange of experiences.

Aside from my employment at Tenant & Partner, I am also a facilitator for a network group in Facility Management for medium to large companies at Di-Nätverk MATCH.