Fanny Lundkvist

Workplace Strategist & Change Manager

More about Fanny

The best thing I know is experiencing nature and culture with loved ones. I thrive best outdoors, whether it's hiking in the forest, swimming in the sea and lakes, skating on ice, or enjoying a beautiful garden. I enjoy attending exhibitions and performances and reading books to immerse myself in other worlds and perspectives. Cooking is a favorite, especially when I have plenty of delicious vegetables and several hours to spare. Sometimes I sing in a choir, sometimes I take ceramics classes.

I want to contribute to a sustainable world, and I want everyone to thrive and feel well at their workplace, including myself. That's why I work at Tenant & Partner. As a workplace strategist and change manager, I have the luxury of helping clients create conditions for the well-being of employees and the business. And I get to work with social, economic, and environmental sustainability. I thrive at Tenant & Partner because there's a culture of caring for each other, and there's an opportunity to pursue what energizes me in both the short and long term.