Erika Klaus

Workplace Strategist & Change Manager

More about Erika

Hello there!

My name is Erika, and I've been working at Tenant & Partner since 2021. I work in Workplace Strategy, focusing on helping our clients identify their actual needs for the future space by discussing existing work processes, the vision for the new workplace, and the strategy for how the company will get there. The most exciting aspect for me is figuring out how the office should look and what it should contain to support the organisation and its employees. In my daily work, I collaborate closely with both real estate consultants and establishment project managers, making each workday eventful and educational.

Before joining Tenant & Partner, I worked as a Management Consultant in organisational development and change management. Given my strong interest in people, architecture, color, and form, Tenant & Partner felt like a perfect place for me.

What I appreciate the most about Tenant & Partner is the opportunity for rapid career development, the chance to work on various projects with diverse colleagues, and the sense of a secure platform within my team. However, what makes my heart beat a little faster for us is our strong culture, where we value health and well-being, personal development, and psychological safety – for real!

In my spare time, I spend a lot of time in the group fitness rooms at SATS, cook a lot of delicious food with friends, or go on adventures with my dear partner. Currently, hiking is on the agenda. But, truth be told, I feel most at home in southern Europe or in the archipelago, preferably with a glass of wine in hand or wearing a face mask. Luxury!