Daniel Lorentzon

Tenant Representation

More about Daniel

I have worked as an Account Manager, Project Manager, and Real Estate Consultant in Tenant Representation since 2014. I am passionate about development in many forms, whether it's in client relationships, our clients' workplaces, a new property taking shape in one of our projects, seeing my colleagues grow, or personal development.

In most assignments, I am involved from the early stages, designing a suitable setup for clients, through strategy and needs phases, location search, and negotiations. As an Account Manager, I serve as a sounding board, making sure of quality, and point of contact throughout our projects. It is important to me that our clients get maximum value from us and their workplaces.

At Tenant & Partner, we have a large group of smart, curious, and social individuals who enjoy working and spending time together. This, along with stimulating tasks, our culture, and much more, means that I almost always enter the office with a good feeling and a smile on my face.

I live in Gustavsberg with my wife and two children. In my free time, I enjoy going for a run, bike ride, or gym session. I also like playing golf, skiing, and heading out on the boat on a sunny summer day 😊