Cecilia Hahn

Project Manager

More about Cecilia

As a project manager in the relocation and establishment business area at Tenant & Partner, I ensure that the moving process is as smooth and efficient as possible for our clients—from the signed lease agreement to the first day in the office. Projects can involve sub-projects within interior design or relocation and decommissioning. A sub-project within interior design involves close collaboration in the project team with the client and architect to meet all the client's needs, both visually and functionally. The interior should support the client's new or existing work methods, whether the project includes a lounge, an open office landscape, or individual offices. Special features, storage, signage, plants, lighting, furniture, and coffee machines—there are many details to consider to create a well-functioning whole from the start. This requires detailed planning, coordination, and budget control. It's an exciting journey that I find incredibly enjoyable to undertake with the client.

I have a background in design and for many years I have worked with spatial design related to brands in physical environments, primarily showrooms, interiors, and exhibitions. This experience is highly beneficial in my daily work at Tenant & Partner, as it has made me solution-oriented with a sense for form and detail.

In my recent projects, I have had a significant focus on reuse, something I am particularly passionate about. Both in my professional role and privately, I dream of going on a building conservation bonanza and rescuing that abandoned house one day. In the meantime, I am renovating my apartment, uncovering the carpentry behind old Masonite, painting with never-drying paint, and trying to find clever solutions. With three children, there is no shortage of recreational activities, and much time is spent in the kitchen where cooking is a significant interest.