Camilla Dittrich

More about Camilla

Since 2015, I have been working at Tenant & Partner with sales. Engaging in daily conversations and understanding the needs of our existing and potential customers makes me realize the power, energy, and possibilities in creating relationships and collaboration to achieve development, change, results, and dreams.

For me, the power of relationships has been passionately strengthened through the world of horses, something I have professionally worked with for many years. Around mutual curiosity, a cornerstone is built for unbeatable communication and understanding without words. Trust, confidence, and open clear communication must exist for a partnership to develop and perform at a competitive level. Consistent collaboration and enjoying the journey contribute to good results. In my current professional role, I am driven by that feeling.

Tenant & Partner contributes to allowing me to work with what inspires and drives me, both in how we help each unique company develop value-creating workplaces and how we work internally. T&P has dared to take the step towards modern leadership, from a classic hierarchical organisation to a network organisation where employees' own driving forces and motivation shine through in a different way than before. It is a very exciting, ongoing, and developing journey that we embark on together – all of this feels meaningful to me!

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family, perhaps not surprisingly in the stable with our horse Iffe or around a good dinner with wonderful friends.