Bodil Börsheim

Project Manager

More about Bodil

I have worked as a project manager at Tenant & Partner since 2015, based in our Stockholm office. What I personally appreciate most after all these years in my job is that no day is like the other, and I get to meet incredibly competent people—through various networks and the projects I work on.

At Tenant & Partner, I am active in the Relocation and Establishment business area, where I function as the overall Project Manager and Tenant Representative from the signing of the lease contract until the move-in is completed. I have the responsibility for time and budget, goals, and effects, and together with a project team and the client, we ensure the completion of the premises according to the lease agreement in new or renovated buildings. I also handle the procurement of architectural services, all aspects of interior design, support in the procurement of technical installations such as IT, AV, and security, as well as assisting in FM procurements. In summary, I ensure that all parts of a lease agreement are fulfilled structurally and that both new and existing furniture are placed correctly. In all my projects, we always have a strong focus on sustainability—economically, socially, and planetarily—to minimise our footprint and contribute to a better environment.

Tenant & Partner is a company with a great corporate culture. Those who work here are incredibly competent and engaged. There is a strong focus on our physical and mental well-being, and our common goal is for everyone to feel good at work.

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I am active and regularly exercise both outdoors and at the gym. I like to go to our country house in Roslagen, where I get closer to nature and can enjoy a relaxing spa weekend in our wood-fired sauna and hot tub. I have a keen interest in interior design and always have several projects underway both in the countryside and at home in the city. I thrive in a big city but have a heart that beats a little extra for Norway and the beautiful nature just around the corner from my childhood home. I like to travel to the Vestlandet a couple of times a year, and beyond that, I enjoy traveling to warm places with sun and sea, as well as to winter destinations with lots of snow and skiing.

See you!

Warm regards,
Bodil Börsheim