Anna Vademo

Project Manager

More about Anna

I have worked as a Project Manager for establishment and relocation projects since 2013. I have a bachelor's degree in economics. Being a Project Manager has been an interesting professional role for me, and after my first relocation project with my previous employer, I knew it was a natural career choice for me. Tenant & Partner is a market leader in the industry, with many interesting assignments and a healthy corporate culture, which led me to join the company in 2015.

What I appreciate most about my role is the wide range of tasks, and that I constantly get to meet new clients in different industries. As a Project Manager in establishment and relocation, I also have the opportunity to switch between a helicopter view and being involved in various details in the final stages of a project. A particular area of interest for me is technology, which is highly relevant in these types of projects involving IT and construction adaptations.

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my partner and friends, trying out new restaurants, and exercising.