Linus Vesander

More about Linus

I have been a part of Tenant & Partner since the spring of 2021. The most enjoyable aspect of my job is contributing to creating workplaces where people go with energy, high morale, and the best conditions for productivity.

In my role as a management consultant, I contribute to value-creating workplaces for people, the environment, and the economy. I get to know new clients, their businesses, and their employees. Most importantly, every day, I get to engage and evolve with all my colleagues at T&P—a wonderful group with the perfect combination of high competence and friendliness in a class of its own.

At Tenant & Partner, I primarily work with Workplace Strategy and Change Management, often involved early in the project to chart the way forward. I am also present throughout the projects, supporting the journey towards a new workplace. For me, it is crucial to set conditions and direction early and to have alignment at the leadership level on why a change is being made and what is to be achieved—all to make the right and sustainable decisions.

Tenant & Partner is a forward-thinking company with a magical corporate culture. Those of us who work here, in addition to having high competence, exhibit high engagement, where development, quality, and consideration are some of the guiding principles. We genuinely care about each other and our clients!

During my spare time, I recharge by spending time with family and friends. I love gaining new impressions and perspectives through travel, both locally and globally. While I may feel most at home in southern France or Italy, I never say no to exploring a metropolis or two worldwide. My ambition is to be that sporty guy, engaging in activities from running to paddleboarding and golf. I do manage to fulfill that ambition sometimes, although it's quite nice to just relax in an armchair with a glass of wine and some music playing in the background.