Josefine Lundin

Project Manager

More about Josefine

I have been working at Tenant & Partner since March 2014. Why? Because, in my opinion, it's the world's best workplace!

As a Project Manager, my job entails unique days with different clients and tasks. I love the variety and being constantly alert to whatever comes up. I typically work on projects where we are with the client from start to finish. This means I'm involved in strategic decisions regarding the client's premises and work methods, which I appreciate. It's a privilege to follow the client for an extended period and be part of the entire process leading up to the final result.

Even though I love my job, there's time for other things too. Currently, much of my free time is dedicated to my children's various activities. Their schedules include gymnastics, handball, tennis, ballet, golf, and swimming. It's a busy time but very enjoyable to be part of!

If I were to choose a recreational activity for myself, it would undoubtedly be golf. Having grown up on a golf course and competed professionally, it's hard to let go.